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3rd Year Prizegiving Friday 21st May 2021

Our 3rd Year students were presented with a number of awards/prizes for academic excellence, attendance, endeavor and more.
3rd Year Prizegiving Friday 21st May 2021

We would like to say congratulations to all of the students who won awards at our third year prizegiving ceremony on Friday the 21st of May.

Special mention to;

Tino Thai (St. Felicity) who won the award for academic excellence.

Shannon Carney (St. Edith) who won the award for academic endeavor

Peter Wall Boggans (St. Felicity) who won the award for Sportsperson of the Year

Ali Hajii (St. Edith) who won the endeavor award for Sportsperson.

Other students won awards for effort and excellence in class over the 3 Year cycle and also received certificates in each subjects from their teachers.

Well done to all 3rd Year students and their Year-Head Mr. Connaughton, and tutors Ms. Spring, Ms. Woods, Mr. O'Brien, Mr. Tunney and Mr. Casey.

Thank you to Ms. Quigley and Ms. Keating too.

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1st Year students were awarded with prizes on the last day of term, Friday 28th May. All students were 2 metres apart for the purpose of the photographs for the website.
Students from different year groups won prizes and earned certificates for their reading this year
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