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Accelerated Reader 2020

Accelerated Reader is a whole school reading promotion programme.
Accelerated Reader 2020

Last year students read 7,363,740 million words and a total of 981 Reading Practice book quizzes were passed since 1st September 2019.

The students are reading and are tested on quizzes about the books. The more the student reads, the higher the points, the more prestigious Reading Certificate starting at Ready Reader climbing to Classic Reader and the bigger the prize!

All students have an equal chance of getting prizes based on the amount of reading done and the points gained based on the reading practice quizzes passed.

This encourages and creates an atmosphere of reading for pleasure amongst students. It was very successful with our first years last year in 2019 and we are running it again this year with our new first year students.

We are already off to a flying start with our first year groups this year- St. Benedicts, St. Josephine's, St. Agnes & St. Roses have all been taking part in Accelerated Reader this year. We are also continuing the programme with 2nd Year students and select 3rd Year students.

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1st Year students were awarded with prizes on the last day of term, Friday 28th May. All students were 2 metres apart for the purpose of the photographs for the website.
Students from different year groups won prizes and earned certificates for their reading this year
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