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DSPCA Trip-St Dara's 10/12/19

DSPCA Trip-St Dara's 10/12/19
DSPCA Trip-St Dara's 10/12/19

Cross-Curricular visit to The DSPCA- 10/12/19

On the above date, Ms O’Reilly organised a visit for us to The DSPCA. Ms Flynn and Mr O’Brien also attended. It was a great day.

Margaret was our guide. She has been volunteering for the past four years. She explained an awful lot to us. It takes over 3 million Euro a year to run the DSPCA. She wanted us to spread the word that animals feel what we do. That's why she works there. Mr O’Brien said to us she had great empathy with the animals.

She explained how the society was started by Richard Martin in the 1840s in Britain primarily over the mistreatment of horses. She told us about how he brought a donkey into court to show how badly he had been mistreated. The Society started around the docklands area of Dublin before moving to the Stocking Lane area. We had a great day even though the weather was awful. Here’s some of our thoughts on the day-

Ms O’Reilly- “ I really enjoyed the kids singing on the bus on the way back”.

Mr O’Brien- “I really enjoyed the day and I learned an awful lot about what the DSPCA do for animals that have been surrendered or given up. Ms Flynn also bought me a coffee which was nice. I am still unsure about cats.”

Ms Flynn- “The highlight for me was the Cattery when the two 6 year old cats gave me the 'love eyes'

Student Voice-

Leon Gallagher- “ I was sick and I missed the day. I heard there were lots of bunnies”

Ben Quirke- “It was good… I enjoyed seeing the dogs”

Kathleen Wall- “There were lots of goats, I enjoyed it”

Christopher Daly- “I enjoyed the dogs and the cats”

Jamie Deegan- “The pigs were good fun”

Katie Warner- “We got to see the dogs and hold them”

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