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Important Information for 6th Years

Important information from the DES fro 6th Years

To all 6th year students and their parents/guardians

This is very important information and it is vital that you read it carefully.

This information is also available on the Google Classroom 6th Year Assembly and you will receive a letter from the school

As you all know by now the Leaving Cert exams will not take place before September and student will instead be awarded a Calculated Grade. Students will also have the option of doing a Leaving Cert exam in one or more subjects later on in the year if they wish, but no definite date is available for that

The Department of Education will be opening a Calculated Grade Student Portal at 10 am on Tuesday 26th May. It will close at 10pm on Thursday 28th May. There are certain very important steps which you must take in that time in relation to your Leaving Certificate

You need to log into the Calculated Grades Portal. To do this you will

  • Your examination Number
  • Your PPSN Number
  • An email address which you will have regular access to over the coming months
  • Your mobile phone number

All Leaving Cert students will be required to register on the portal. Traditional Leaving Cert students will also need to confirm the levels that they will be taking in their subjects

You can change to a lower level in a subject using the portal. You might do this if you had decided with your teacher to change the level but the change hasn’t happened and you are registered for the wrong level on the portal.

Unfortunately you cannot consult with your teachers about your levels at this stage. This is not the school’s decision. This was a directive which was given to us.

You cannot change to a higher level on the portal. If you think there has been a mistake and you are entered for a lower level in error you should email

The portal will close at the time and date given above. However it will reopen at later stage and you will be asked to register to receive a Calculated Grade for your Leaving Cert.

Remember the registration and confirmation of levels must be done by 10pm on Thursday 28th May. You must adhere to this deadline.

If you have any questions please phone the school.

Yours sincerely


Please click on the link for the Guide from the DES

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