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Leaving Cert Results


To the Class of 2020

As I am sure you know calculated grades for Leaving Cert 2020 will be available to students on Monday 7th September. You will get your grades by logging onto the Student Portal. The school will not be giving you your results this year.

Although we are not giving you your results, we are here to help and advise you if there are any issues or questions related to your grades. The following staff members will be available to support you on Monday.

Ms. Quigley

Ms. Keating

Mr. Torsney

Mr. Tunney

Ms. McDonnell

Mr Kilkenny

If you wish to talk to one of the above staff members, please phone the school to make an appointment. We will be making appointments from 12.30 to 3.30 on Monday. However we will be available to meet with students throughout the week also. The important thing is to phone us to schedule a time to come in.

Further information is available using the following link. This will also take you to a further link for the Student Portal. You will also see a PDF Guide for Students and a message from the Minister for Education

All the best

Ms Quigley

St Aidan's Community School,
Dublin 24,

01 452 4677

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