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Message from Principal, isolation guide.


Parents and Guardians,

I am aware of the fact that people are finding the rules around restricted movement and testing quite confusing. The HSE and doctors are advising people when they have to isolate or restrict their movements. A key issue, if a person in the family is waiting on a test, seems to be if the person being tested has symptoms or not.
A staff member gave me a copy of this document. It was produced for younger children but the guidelines it gives do match with advice that staff members and students' families have been given so far. One column indicates what the person themselves should do and the second column indicates what their close contacts/family members should do. I hope it is of some help.
I want to thank all parents and guardians as I know that you are playing your part in ensuring that the young people follow government advice
All the best
Karen Quigley
St Aidan's Community School,
Dublin 24,

01 452 4677

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