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Update for Sixth Years

Update for Sixth Year Students

Update for Sixth Years

Hello all 6th years. I have just received an update from the Department of Education that all teaching for 6th year students is now finished. There will not be any more work on the Google Classroom and students should not submit any more work to their teachers. The letter I received also says that students and their subject teachers cannot discuss the possible grade that will be given so please bear this in mind. You can't contact your teachers at this stage to find out what grade you will receive or to put a case for a particular result.

As you may be aware we have set up a mentoring system so that each 6th year has a contact person if they want to ask questions in general. You can still contact your mentor even if they teach you a subject. You just can't ask them what grade they will be giving you in the subject.

I don't enjoy having to write this message and finish things off in this way. It is not at all how I wanted your time in St. Aidan's to end. I know that you are missing out on a number of significant events including that last day in school. However as I have already said, it is not the very end. You still have a graduation to look forward to and while you will have to wait a while for this we will have a graduation ceremony for you as soon as is possible when school reopens in September.

Remember that although teaching has stopped you can still make contact with the school and ask for advice and support for the next few weeks.

Fond regards

Ms Quigley

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