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Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Welcome Back to All Students

It seems strange to welcome our students back to school when we are not actually meeting with you in the building. However we are back to teaching and learning today and your teachers are available again to work with you through the Google Classroom. I hope students and their families managed to have a good break for the week although we were all very limited in what we could do.

We recently sent a Newsletter to all families to help to keep you all updated on the situation in school but of course there is constantly new information.

There has been a lot of talk over the past few weeks about students and school. Everyone in the country realises how important it is for you to get back to face to face learning but public health advice has to be followed. We are expecting that 6th year students will start back next Monday but we have no definite information yet. A detailed guide on the phased opening of schools is expected this week. As soon as we hear anything definite we will of course let you know.

The other very important issue is of course the Junior and Leaving Cert exams and thankfully some decisions have been made there.

Leaving Cert

There will be Leaving Cert exams in June. Students will have the choice of either sitting these exams or receiving what is called a SEC Accredited Grade. This Accredited Grade will be based on the judgement of their teacher. Students will be able to sit exams in some subjects and receive an Accredited Grade in others. Teaching and learning will continue in all subjects and for now the work is still online. However hopefully we will see you back in the school soon and ‘normal’ teaching and learning will resume. I know that you will have a lot more questions about Leaving Cert exams and these Accredited Grades and we will continue to give you information as we get it.

Junior Cert

One decision that has been made is that there will not be a Junior Cert exam this year. The government have promised detailed guidance on continued online learning and assessment for third year students so there is still more information to come on this. Third Year students should therefore continue to work with their teachers on the Google Classroom.

Other Year Groups

We want all of our students to do their best with online learning. We understand that there can be challenges with this type of learning.

Please remember that we are available to help you if you are having difficulties. There are still lots of ways of staying in touch with the school and your teachers.

The best of luck with your work this term and as I have said before, hopefully we will see you all soon.

Warm regards

Ms Quigley

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1st Year students were awarded with prizes on the last day of term, Friday 28th May. All students were 2 metres apart for the purpose of the photographs for the website.
Students from different year groups won prizes and earned certificates for their reading this year
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