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download.jpgDear Parent/Guardian

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing St. Aidan’s for the second level education of your child. We are privileged that you have chosen St Aidan’s for the task of educating them.

The first Principal of St. Aidan’s, Mr. Michael Meade, was a student of Latin and there is a saying in Latin ‘In Loco Parentis’ which means ‘In the place of the parent’. While your child is with us our role is similar to that of a parent. It is our duty to take care of your child and to ensure that he or she gets the best possible education.

We have wonderful children in this school and we expect the best for them and from them. We understand that many of them will face difficulties and challenges during their time in school. Some of these challenges may come from school and some may be outside school issues.

We will support your child if he or she faces difficulties but we try not to lower standards or expectations. This does not mean putting unreasonable pressure on students because we recognize that different children have different strengths. We place a very high value on Teaching and Learning and all of us work hard to ensure that nothing interrupts or interferes with this.

St. Aidan’s fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect between staff and students while recognizing that they have different roles. Our school motto is Strength and Caring and that truly does sum up what we are about.

Karen Quigley


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